6 February 2013

Perth IWW leaflet backpackers- Solidarity is Strength!

Perth IWW leaflet backpackers- Solidarity is Strength!

As part of its campaign to organise casual and temporary workers, members of Perth IWW took to the streets on Saturday afternoon. Up to 10 hostels were leafleted across the city centre highlighting working conditions and arguing the need to fight for your rights, because individually we are powerless but collectively we are an unstoppable force.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us with any questions.

17 January 2013

Help Others Find Us

In order to enable more backpackers and temp workers find us, we have made a leaflet to spread around backpackers, share houses and hostels in Perth. If the place you live appears to have no such leaflet, please help us print out, write up or any kind of way to spread the information.

The following URL are the file for the leaflet, in Chinese and English. We're also looking for people to help us translate the leaflet. Please feel free to contact us if you can help.

English Version:


為了讓更多需要協助的背包客、臨時工能夠聯繫到我們,接下來我們希望能將這份文宣給貼在伯斯的各個backpackers、share houses、hostels的佈告欄裡,如果你現在所住的地方還沒有貼上我們的文宣,我們非常希望得到你的協助,幫我們用列印、書寫或任何方式將文宣內容傳達給住在那個地方的人。


14 January 2013

Tempworkers support group hold first solidarity picket in Perth

Last Friday up to half dozen people attended successful information picket organised by the Tempworkers Australia & International outside the headquarters of AtWork in Perth city to highlight the plight of young Taiwanese guest worker Catta who was dismissed after enquiring about her workplace rights and the fact that she and her fellow colleagues were being underpaid by the agency.

The Perth Western Australia Labour Hire company mainly focuses on the recruitment of workers from Asia and the Far East and according to its own website offers bosses the opportunity "to lower labour costs" so that bosses could "say goodbye to staff management issues forever".

In a leaflet delivered to inside the company's offices and outside Catta stated: “I'm a student in Taiwan that I suspended my study and came to Australia for Working Holiday. As far as I know, Australia is a great country with human rights and people are friendly. However, I had encountered unfair treatment on my work.


年輕的台灣籍工人咖塔因為向雇主詢問她的工作權利,並且揭發她及同事被欠薪,因而遭到解雇。為此,上週五在伯斯市區,我們六個夥伴展開了對派遣公司AtWork Personnel的行動,針對台灣籍背包客咖塔所遭遇的不公平待遇,由Tempworkers Australia& International主持。

AtWork Personnel大多雇用亞洲及中東籍的員工,根據他們官方網站的說法,這樣可以幫助西澳的雇主「降低勞工成本」,且讓雇主「向人事管理問題說再見」。

我們在現場發送傳單,並且張貼在AtWork Personnel辦公室的外面,傳單上寫著咖塔的故事:「我來自台灣,大學畢業之後,我從研究所休學,來到澳洲打工度假。原本期待澳洲是一個人權概念先進的民主國家,但我卻在工作上遇到相當不合理的事情。